eSongBook – digital karaoke song books

esongbook_on_phone_and_tabletWhat is eSongBook?

Whether you are a karaoke host, bar owner or home enthusiast – the eSongBook service will forever change the way you share and manage your music library!

No apps to download, hardware to buy and you can use it with any internet connected device (ie. smartphone, tablet, PC).

eSongBook-service in a nutshell:

  • Easy-to-use internet management for karaoke song books and song requests
  • Simple to set-up: service is up and running in minutes!
  • Accept song requests over the internet
  • Singers can browse the karaoke song book with their own devices (cellphone, tablet, computer, etc)
  • Optional offline-server available to make sure karaoke song books will work in your venue even without internet connection
  • Offline server allows you to receive song requests ONLY from within your venue
  • eSongBook is compatible with KSF Player computer karaoke system (additional hosting programs are being added continually)
  • eSongBook saves you time and money: no more printing costs, time is saved when updating song books
  • Option to show and manage image ads

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