HD Conversion

The karaoke industry has relied on CD+G (CD Graphics) technology since 1985 to offer karaoke music synchronized to text that can be displayed on a screen. As technology has evolved, the delivery of media via download and subscription services has steadily increased along with the demand for HD quality content. For many karaoke manufacturers, this poses a dilemma. The majority of their karaoke content needs to be completely HAND-MADE re-authored to suit the HD format. This is an expensive and time consuming process. Simply RENDERING the existing content to a video format is clearly not enough.

KSF has the technology to convert / re-authorize standard karaoke CD+G files to true full HD video. The client can completely control the look and feel of the output. Colors, backgrounds, fonts, color wipes and logos are easily changed to suit the clients needs. KSF helps your company to take your content to the next level. Contact us for rates and more information.