KSF Entertainment US prepares for the digital launch of with content partner Sybersound Records of Malibu, California.

The excitement is building as we approach the launch of and various digital services with our content partners Sybersound Records, owners of the Party Tyme Karaoke brand. Party Tyme has been a highly recognised karaoke brand in the USA and Canada for over 20 years and is known for it’s very high quality recreations of popular music. With the goal of becoming the premiere source of karaoke content, Party Tyme has increased it’s library more than ten-fold by aquiring the popular Pocket Songs karaoke library and invested in the production of thousands of new songs to further round out the new catalog.
During the past year, KSF Entertainment US was formed to digitize over 20,000 songs into the Party Tyme brand as well as create HD video versions. Our licensing team has tirelessly worked in tandem with Sybersound to create the largest licensed karaoke library in North America which will be available as an mp3+g download, custom disc as well as an innovative streaming service for both home and professional use.
Our official launch will be announced soon!
KWC 2014

KWC 2014 – Karaoke World Championships

KSF Entertainment Group announces acquisition of Karaoke World Championships Oy KWC Organisation Ltd.

We are proud to announce that KSF Entertainment Group has acquired the parent company of Karaoke World Championships Oy KWC Organization Ltd. Since 2004, the team at KSF Entertainment Group has produced the Championship Finals in various venues around the world. KSF Entertainment Group is a multinational company built around technology and dedicated to karaoke. Their resources and talented team have what it takes to elevate the Karaoke World Championships to the next level and we are thrilled with this development.
There will be no noticeable immediate changes in the day-to-day operations on the national or international level. Mr. Luca Gargano will direct the international operations. Mr. Michael Yelvington will be responsible for all business related issues and Mr. Jalo Kotinurmi will be responsible for legal matters.
The 2014 Karaoke World Championships will be held in Stockholm, Sweden and further details will be provided at a later date.

CustomBurn Devil

KSF Entertainment UK Ltd acquires

KSF Entertainment Group’s UK company, KSF Entertainment UK Ltd announces the acquisition of Customburn was one of the first web sites in the world to offer custom karaoke discs when they started in 2007.  The purchase of Customburn and it’s brand will allow KSF to expand it’s reach into the European market in both physical and digital delivery.


KSF supplies content and technology to MUVIKA

The MUVIKA project will incorporate the latest innovative technologies for the next generation of karaoke. Designed for the home user, the service will revolutionise the way consumers will experience karaoke. Further details will be released upon launch of the product.


KSF Entertainment UK Ltd enters management agreement with

KSF enters into a management agreement with Customburn and totally redesigns the site. The new design incorporates new features, such as downloads and the new HD karaoke format. The service was also integrated into the KSF Professional Karaoake Computer player allowing customers to add new Digital Rights Protected (DRM) songs to their library.


KSF Entertainment Group develops HD karaoke conversion technology

The karaoke industry has relied on CD+G (CD Graphics) technology since 1985 to provide synchronised lyrics viewable on a TV screen. As technology has evolved, the delivery of media via download and streaming along with the constantly climbing resolution capabilities of televisions has made CDG files look pixelated and unappealing.

This has created a dilemma for karaoke manufacturers whose catalogs are in the CDG format. The re-authoring of their content is a time consuming and expensive process. Simply converting the content to video format is not enough.

KSF created the technology to convert / re-author standard karaoke CD+G files to true full HD video. The client can completely control the look and feel of the output. Colors, backgrounds, fonts, color wipes and logos are easily changed to suit the clients needs. This ground breaking service is provided to clients around the world for various applications.

KSF Entertainment Group signs distribution agreement with Stingray Digital

Stingray Digital of Canada which owns “The Karaoke Channel” enters into a distribution agreement for delivery of their catalog via the KSF Professional Computer System and custom karaoke services. Known as the highest quality karaoke recordings in the industry, the addition of Stingray content further sets the KSF Professional player apart from it’s competitors.

KSF develops the KSF Professional Computer Player

In response to the technology shift from physical discs to computer players in the commercial market, KSF begins development and sales of the KSF Professional Player. Utilising a touchscreen interface, DRM protection of content, built-in song shop, advertising manager and song book creator – this new player has an immediate impact on the market place.